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Projects supported by the BPF

During its first seven editions, the BPF has been a growing success, attracting increasing interest from Luxembourg and European companies every year.

Since 2016, the BPF has supported more than 35 projects in 15 different countries

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  • cleantech eco innovation and circular economy
  • space
  • fintech
  • healthtech
  • mobility and logistics
  • information and communication technologies ict

Intech | Guinea

Development and dissemination in Guinea of "BackUp", a digital tool to fight against war rapes and sexual violence

Koosmik | Togo

Development of a banking application including credit and insurance services in Togo

Müller et Associés | Kosovo

Feasibility study for the implementation of the distribution of funds by the Kosovo Health Insurance to health care providers

Interact | Cape Verde

Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development (AISD) - Implementing and optimising the performance of connected digital urban systems and networks

Jway | Senegal

Software base for digitalisation and dematerialisation of the procedures of the Polytechnic School of Dakar (online student desk)

Moyee Coffee | Ethiopia

Adoption of BlockChain technology in the coffee value chain from Ethiopian smallholder farmers

Blue Horizon | Burkina Faso

Responding to the desertification of the sub-Saharan desert using sustainable biotechnologies

Bureau International Maritime (BIM) | Burkina Faso

Implementation of a new electronic cargo tracking slip system

Bit Valley | Niger

Inclusive Blockchain Insurance using Space Assets (IBISA) - Setting up a microinsurance system for small farmers in Niger

Jurry Hekking Metaal | Kosovo

Recovery of whey from white cheese for the production of soft drinks

LuxMobility | Senegal

Saving lives on the roads of West Africa

Suricate solutions | Senegal

Setting up of a Cybersecurity Operational Centre in Dakar for Micro-Finance Institutions

Link to business world | Senegal

Establishment of a production unit for the transformation of plant fibres from succulent plants in Senegal for the textile industry with innovation, transfer of know-how and technology

Jway | Burkina Faso

Creation of an online help platform for writing business plans for Burkinabé companies

The Organic Village | Nepal

Development of a Nepalese organic spice chain (from local farmers to the world market)

Graas Lavie | Burkina Faso

Design, construction and commissioning of a pilot dried mango production unit in Burkina Faso

BCE | Ivory Coast

Creation of a technical assistance platform for the setting up of a broadcasting centre and a TV centre in Abidjan and Grand Bassam

Uption | Senegal

Development of the concept "cosmetic counters"