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Business partnership facility

Creating sustainable partnerships

The BPF is a financing facility initiated and financed by the Luxembourg government through the Luxembourg Cooperation. The facility aims to encourage the Luxembourgish and European private sector to join forces with partners in developing countries to set up sustainable and innovative business projects.

The BPF aims to work with a committed and responsible private sector. Commitments to responsible business conduct are a key criterion for the award of co-financing. In this context, the cross-cutting themes of human rights, gender equality, environmental sustainability and climate impact are integrated in a holistic way in the support of initiatives selected for co-financing.

Thus, during the implementation of their project, awareness-raising sessions are offered to the selected project leaders. Project leaders must also submit a due diligence report in line with the "Duty of Care" practices for responsible business conduct.

The BPF is based on co-financing of up to 50% maximum of a project’s total budget and not exceeding EUR 200,000. It encourages responsible private sector initiatives that contribute to development and job creation in developing countries and/or technology transfer. All sectors of activity are eligible for the BPF provided that the proposed project contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The selection is made through a two-stage call for projects: pre-selection through the application form that can be downloaded from the website, and then, for the applications selected at the end of this first stage, submission of a detailed proposal. The process is described in more detail here.



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Key dates

International Agenda

13-16 July 2015 – Third International conference on financing for development – Addis Ababa

The agenda of this conference emphasises the importance of the private sector in meeting the financing needs of developing countries in a fiscally transparent, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Business Partnership Facility

In 2022, the BPF will now be holding two editions. Read more about the agenda under “How to submit your project”.

Where are the projects supported by the BPF located?